Roundup of the best Halloween Printables

The spookiest thing of all may be that there are only a few days left of October 😱 But not to worry, if the end of the month has snuck up on you, I’ve got some free printables that are here to help you in your halloween entertaining needs.

We have free printable goody bags, watercolor Halloween prints for decor, and even spooktacular party invitations that you can send to your friends, coworkers or family.

These are also great printables that you can bring over if you’ve been invited to a Halloween party. The goody bags would work great at a candy bar or for party favors, or really for any little treat.

The “Boo Thang” or Trick or Treat prints would be a great “host or hostess gift along with a little picture frame.

I hope this has given you a couple ideas and inspiration the end of the month and that you have a wonderful Halloween!

Free printable Halloween Goody Bags | Print and cut goody bags | Lauren Antoniaa Design for Halloween Entertaining

Printable Halloween Goody Bags

Click to grab your goody bags that are perfect for party favors or for a candy bar setup.

Free printable Halloween Print | Halloween Watercolor Brush Lettering Printable | Lauren Antoniaa Design for Halloween Entertaining

Halloween Prints

Click to grab your Halloween Prints that are sweet little additions to your spooky decor.

Free printable Halloween Party Invitation | Printable Halloween Calligraphy Invite | Lauren Antoniaa Design for Halloween Entertaining

Halloween Party Invitation

Click to grab this editable spooky invitation to send to your best guys and ghouls.

Free Printable: 2018 Calligraphy or Brush Lettering Calendar

Happy 2018! 

I know I'm a little late to posting this since it's the 4th, but it's still in the first week of January, so it kinda counts, right? 

I always find January to be a time of reflection and planning. Looking back at where you've been, and also setting goals for the future. 

I remember a few years ago, before I had begun my own love affair with calligraphy and watercolor, there was a girl who I admired her calligraphy had a calendar download. I didn't see it until July but still was happy to have half a year with it! 

I created two free printable calendars for you to choose from. The first is pointed pen calligraphy and looks a bit more whimsical and dainty. The second, is scanned in watercolor brush, and I think this one is pretty universal looking. My dad even downloaded it for his office at work.

These calendars are great for you desk at work, your kitchen, locker, or on a clipboard in your bedroom. 

I hope that you enjoy these calendars and that your 2018 is well planned and your time is well spent! 

calendar pics-2.jpg
calendar pics.jpg
calendar pics-4.jpg
calendar pics-5.jpg