Roundup of the best free November and Autumn downloads and printables

Happy November!

This month is all about giving thanks, being grateful, and celebrating with those you love. If you’re looking to throw a Friendsgiving shindig, or just looking to make some beautiful Thanksgiving Table decor, I’ve got you covered!

We’ve got free editable and printable Friendsgiving Invitations that you can send to your best pals via snail mail or email. We’ve also got free printable “I am thankful for” cards that you can display on your fall tablescape, or we’ve got an Autumn bucket list that you can fill out with your family, best buds, or significant others before it’s full on Christmas season.

Gotta get as much pumpkin in as we can!

Click the image below to visit the page where you can grab your free goodies.


Free editable and printable friendsgiving invitations PDF | Autumn freebies and downloads | Lauren Antoniaa Calligraphy and design

Friendsgiving Invite

Click to send this beauty to your friends

Free printable "I am thankful for" place cards PDF | Autumn freebies and downloads | Lauren Antoniaa Calligraphy and design

“I am thankful for” Printable Place Cards

Click here to print and dress up your thanksgiving table

Free printable autumn/ fall bucket list PDF | Autumn freebies and downloads | Lauren Antoniaa Calligraphy and design

Autumn Bucket List

Only a little while longer to get all the fall things in before the holidays, click to grab and print!

Free Watercolor Autumn Bucket List Printable

Free Watercolor Autumn Bucket List Printable

Every year, I have a mental checklist of things I definitely want to do during the fall season, so I thought it would be fun to create this Free Printable Watercolor Autumn Bucket List where you can write down all of fun things to do in the fall! For example: apple picking, pumpkin carving, caramel apple eating, cookie backing, trick or treating, this list can go on forever and cross them off as you go.

Free Printable: Weekly To Do List

I love my planner. Like love. 

We have been in a serious committed relationship since I was introduced to "school agenda's" back in the 7th grade.

I'm really not die hard for one particular brand or another--I usually go with something on the simple side that just speaks to me, something I want to pick up. So I did fall in love a few months ago with one that I purchased for this year, and I found myself in a bit of a pickle. My current planner ended in June, and my new one began in August. 

I felt slightly panicky when I realized I'd have to go the entire month of July without a planner.

So what's a gal to do without her trusty planner for a MONTH? Answer, I created this weekly at a glance to do list. It doesn't have times or spots where you write in the date--this is just a good ol' fashioned, "what do I need to do on Tuesday" type of list.

I've been using it in conjunction with my 2018 Printable Calendar that you can also download for free to see a month's overview at a glance.

Hope that this helps you get all those mental to-do lists off of your mind and onto this paper! 

Free printable weekly to-do list, weekly checklist, free download